A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Enter the mysterious Dimension O where your consciousness can only exist when joined with two others and bound to an ORB. Attempt to extract valuable essence from other ORBZ while protecting your own!

A rickety prototype of an idea I had for an erotic Golf/SRPG mashup for Strawberry Jam 3. This is my first real game project so unsurprisingly I didn't get as far as I'd hoped. I figured I'd at least submit what I have to get an idea if people are interested in this kind of game.

The idea is to launch attacks at the enemy ball to inflict pleasure and ultimately drive them to release their "essence". Basic movement, attacks, damage, and "essence release" are implemented but not much else. It's not much of a game currently since all the attacks have the same projectile/hit pattern. Also, there's no AI yet so you have to just play against yourself or take turns with a friend. Eventually I plan to add more variety to the attacks as well as strengths/weaknesses to differentiate the different combatants.

NOTE: Version 0.1 is the original submission for Strawberry Jam 3


Arrow Keys - Menu Navigation and Movement/Attack Aiming
Enter - Menu Select / Execute Action
Q - Quits Game

Install instructions

Should just be able to extract the zip and launch it. Totally haven't tested the Mac and Linux builds though...


orbz-0.1-windows.zip 19 MB
orbz-0.1-mac.zip 19 MB
orbz-0.1-linux.zip 19 MB
orbz-0.1.1-linux.zip 23 MB
orbz-0.1.1-mac.zip 22 MB
orbz-0.1.1-win.zip 22 MB

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